Aus Alt mach' Neu

Aus Alt mach' Neu

Kirsty Zoutendyk und ihr Ehemann Jan gründeten vor 10 Jahren ihr kleines Unternehmen Laid Back Co. Mittlerweile sind sie sehr erfolgreich und liefern ihre handgefertigten Jausenbretter aus Weinfässern in die ganze Welt. Weingüter, Restaurants und Interior Shops wissen die gute Qualität und das Besondere an diesen wunderschön gefertigten Eichenbrettern zu schätzen. 

Kirsty hat uns folgende Fragen beantwortet.

How did you get inspired starting a business creating oak boards and how did it all start?

It started as a hobby after my husband made a hammock out of the curved staves of an old barrel and then friends saw it in our garden, loved it and started asking him to make one for them. That´s how we got our name the Laid Back Co!

As time went on the by-products were the round tops and bottoms of the barrels that were piling up in our garage and I decided to use one of them in my kitchen.

That then sparked a whole new interest and soon they no longer were the by-product but THE product. So began the start of our business in our garage about 10 years ago  and we have just grown and grown over the years.

Today we have a factory manufacturing +/- 50 different cheese/chopping/serving boards and kitchen designs.

Please describe the working process of your products.

We have two different processes. We recycle old used French wine barrels, using both - the tops and curved staves for different cheese boards/serving platters. We also use kiln dried American oak for all the other designs that we make. Every item is handcrafted and original.

How many people do you employ in your company?

We employ 10 African people from South Africa, Zimbabwe and Malawi and then my husband, Jan and myself.

What was the most sucessful project so far?

We have so many wonderful clients and rewarding projects... wedding favours, serving boards for new restaurants, wine farms, exporting to many different parts of the world. There are just too many lovely ones to point just one.

My favorite restaurant - The Food Barn at Noordhoek Farm Village and the Sushi Box at Beau Constancia

                         ... beach - Kommetje Beach

                - Neighbourgoods Market and Oranjezicht City Farm Market

                         ...vineyard - Beau Constancia and Constancia Glen

Even though they are just 5 minutes from my home, both take my breath away every time and the people and service are exceptional.