Liebe zum Detail

Liebe zum Detail

Angelica ist Mutter von zwei süßen Buben und lebt in Kapstadt. Vor ein paar Jahren hat sie ihr eigenes Business gegründet und designed seither Grußkarten in wunderhübschen Designs. Wir haben sie getroffen und ihr folgende Fragen gestellt.

Please tell me something about yourself and the beginning of your business.

Our business started 2 years ago when I was pregnant, I wanted to start something of my own, something that would let me design and create. With some trail and error I started the designing gift cards. Monk was inspired by our little boy who we nicknamed Monkey which then got shortened to MONK. Our business is created from love and family which transpires through into our cards.

How does a typical working day look like? Are you happy with what you are doing?

I LOVE what I am doing, we work from home, we start the day off with a cup of coffee then we start sorting out and packing cards, getting orders ready, doing deliveries and my favorite designing many new, cute and different designs for the cards. 

How would you describe your style?

Simple and stylish with a touch of cuteness. 

What is an absolutly must-do in Cape Town?

Hmm tough one, there are so many things to do. I would say GO try them all, Lions head is a MUST. Try as many wine farms in and around Cape Town as you can. Walk up Kloof Street and Bree Street. Another thing which is a must are the markets, Cape Town has the most beautiful, creative and vibrant markets filled with delicious food, homeware, clothes and jewelry.

My favorite restaurant - Kloof Street House, so beautiful, you step from a busy street into this beautiful garden filled with trees and fairy lights. It has a vibrate, colorful vintage and somewhat quirky like style, and of course yummy food!

                            ... beach - Glen Beach

                  - Oranjezicht City Farm Market

                        ...vineyard - Beau Constancia with the most unbelievable views. Another one is Tokara, lovely deli and also kid friendly.  Also a must-visit is Babylonstoren.

                 ...sundowners - 12 Apostles, Leopard Lounge, they have one of the best views of the sunset, feels like you could jump off the balcony into the ocean. Friendly staff and they always have a singer or jazz like bank playing there in the background. Try the platter of mini burgers, you will always want to go back to that great place for a good conversation and wonderful memories.